Luxury Sedan for 4 passengers

Car Color: Black
Car Features: A luxury Sedan is recognised by its B-Pillar design between the front-rear windows. Airport Taxi Cab has its own customised Sedans to deliver best in class comfort to its customers. The Aerodynamic design makes the Sedans stable while speeding and in-car entertainment features are an addition to safety. Our sedans our studded with leather upholstery and beige interiors.

X 2 X 2 X 4

Passenger Minivan

Car Color: Gray
Car Features: The luxury vans are spacious and comfortable for family outing. They can accommodate six to seven individuals easily. They are best for long distance tours or on hilly rides. Seats are very comfortable with in-car entertainment and display screens are also available for rear passengers.

X 6 X 3 X 6

7 Passengers SUV

Car Color: Black
Car Features: SUVs are apt for accommodating more than seven individuals. They are good for family outings, prom nights, long distance tours, wedding occasions and several other occasions. Our customised SUVs, features DVD players for both front and rear passengers, heated seats, leather upholstery. They deliver comfort and entertainment during long distance tours.

X 6 X 3 X 6
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