Storm Warning in Massachussets this Weekend (July 2017)

A strong storm warning is being issued for almost the entire state of Massachusetts. As per the latest meteorological reports rains and thunder storms are due almost across the state. Boston may also see heavy rains along with some areas like Lynn, Salem, Northampton, Barnstable, Marlborough etc.


As per our drivers in different areas of MA, rain has already started in many areas. It is expected that the rains and storm will reach its peak around 6 PM. This being the time when most people get back home from work, we are expecting some distressed calls for taxi cabs in the entire state, especially Boston.

There are chances of strong winds, hail stonesĀ  Please stay indoors during the time mentioned above and avoid unwanted trouble. For all emergency, where a chauffeured car or minivan is solicited in hazardous weather conditions. Note the areas in red and these

Note the areas highlighted in radish patches are those that will be the center of most of the actions.


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