How effective is the Neptune Rd Airport Buffer in East Boston?

48 years, almost half a century, is what it took Massport authority to do something for Neptune Road after it razed it to make space for Boston International Airport expansion in the late 1960s. Then the elm lined residential area and bustling community was then probably Boston most sought after address in East Boston. We do not see how a 1.7 acre parklet or buffer zone as they call it can compensate forWood Island Park, the 46-acre urban jewel designed by Frederick Law Olmsted that Massport demolished.

neptune road

Anyway, this Neptune Rd Airport Buffer is a small yet positive attempt by the behemoth commercial institution to peacefully co-exist with the community. It is not significant enough and neither does it drastically improve the otherwise blasted area packed with gas stations, car washes and ramps.

This is not the first; Massport has made more such endeavors in becoming a better neighbor for communities around the airport area. In total 30 acres of area is what Logan Airport Taxi Cab Services has given up to make better and beautiful neighborhoods. We just hope the planned linear Greenway to Constitution beach is also completed sooner and on a priority to de-congest the area.

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